Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Storm Headed This Way

A storm system is currently brewing in the Pacific Northwest. This will bring us a good chance for rain and possibly isolated thunderstorms for Sunday. Right now the threat for severe weather looks slim.

This storm doesn't look too impressive on the satellite imagery, however, it will intensify as it passes the Midwest tomorrow.

Once it moves into our area, it will tap into a lot of moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. Rain totals could exceed one inch (indicated by the light shades of blue on the map below).

Cloudy skies and intermittent showers will persist through most of Sunday. If we were to see more sunshine, then our chances for thunderstorms would increase. Storms thrive on heat and humidity - called instability. You can see on the map below that instability is low. For this reason, our chances for severe weather look limited.

We will continue to watch this storm system as it approaches our area and bring you more updates in the coming days.