Friday, April 29, 2011

Virginia Tornado List From April 27-28

Tornado surveys are ongoing in Virginia after severe storms affected many parts of the state Wednesday and Thursday, from extreme southwest Virginia through the heart of the Commonwealth into northern Virginia. Here is the Enhanced Fujita Scale for your reference as we detail the completed survey results so far:

As of Noon Friday, here is the list of rated, confirmed, and suspected tornadoes in Virginia.

Prince Edward to Cumberland Co (4/27 6:55PM-7:05PM): EF 1 (estimated wind speeds 86 to 110 mph). 100 yards wide, 5.5 miles long from about 1.5 miles east of Farmville north-northeast into southeast Cumberland County. Several homes on River Road received mainly roof damage, and numerous trees were downed or snapped off.

Hanover Co (4/27 8:25PM): EF 1. Tornado reported from Noel at 8:25 PM. This tornado was 150 yards wide and on the ground for two miles across eastern Goochland and western Hanover Counties. A more detailed survey is being conducted Friday (4/29).

Halifax Co (4/27 8:45PM-9:08PM): EF 2. 350 yards wide, on the ground for 13.4 miles from near Chatham Road (7 miles NW of Halifax) to near the Roanoke/Staunton River. One person was killed with eight others injured, with most of the damage along Liberty Road.

Caroline Co (4/27 8:55PM-9:00PM): EF 1 (estimated wind speeds 86 to 110 mph). 100 yards wide, 1 mile path beginning about 2.5 miles west of the town of Carmel Church, crossing Jericho Road in the process. Numerous trees were downed or snapped off.

Goochland Co (4/27 7:25PM-7:30PM): EF 1 (estimated wind speeds 86 to 110 mph). 100 yards wide, 2 miles long from Bridgewater Bluff to Pony Farm Road, crossing I-64 in the process. Numerous trees were downed or snapped off.

Smyth Co (4/28 1:15AM-1:20AM): EF 2
. A tornado moved into Smyth County from Washington County at 1:15 AM, tracking for 2.8 miles creating a half-mile wide damage path, before lifting along Carlock Creek Road near Brushy Mountain. The EF 2 rating comes from damage assessed at five affected homes. Minor damage occurred to numerous other buildings and trees.

CONFIRMED (not yet rated):
Prince William Co (4/27): 6:14PM Report from two miles west of Triangle, where a Quantico-based observer saw a tornado on the ground.

Prince William Co (4/27): 10:57PM Report from three miles northeast of Nokesville, where a retail shopping center sustained structural damage.

Shenandoah Co (4/28): 2:21AM Report from two miles south-southeast of Orkney Springs, where structural damage occurred to a house and trees were downed.

Augusta Co (4/28): 2:31AM Report from one mile east of Christian with a 4 mile track, where numerous trees were snapped or uprooted. Several homes were damaged, including roofing removed from some of those houses. Several outbuildings were destroyed.

Washington Co (4/27)

Oilville (4/27)
Caroline Co (4/28): Funnel cloud spotted in Ladysmith and Doswell. Tree damage reported.

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