Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Odds Makers Favor a Pacific Landing of the NASA Satellite

The top bookie in Ireland, Paddy Power, has opened a book on where the NASA satellite UARS will land when it comes blazing into our atmosphere and crashing to earth late Friday. So far, it appears the greatest odds, not surprising, are for a landing in the vast Pacific Ocean. Here are the odds for the landing of the satellite in various areas around the globe, proof that just about anything can be gambled on:

First ocean landing to be reported:

8/11 Pacific

2/1 Atlantic

6/1 Indian

10/1 Arctic

10/1 Southern

First continent landing to be reported:

9/4 Africa

11/4 South America

3/1 Asia

3/1 North America

6/1 Australia

8/1 Europe

16/1 Antarctica

66/1 Part of the satellite to land on Ireland (Must be confirmed by NASA)