Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watch the NASA rocket launch tonight!

As cloud cover decreases behind this morning's cold front, which is allowing a drier air-mass to settle into the Commonwealth, visibility should be great in Virginia for tonight's scheduled NASA launch at Wallops Island. Here are the details on the rocket, its satellite load, its launch window, and who can see it:

The rocket is a United States Air Force Minotaur 1, carrying the ORS-1 satellite for the Department of Defense’s Operationally Responsive Space Office.

The launch was originally scheduled for Tuesday night, June 28th, but was scrubbed as a result of thunderstorms in the area. Tonight's launch, though, should be good to go weather-wise! Look east; you should be able to see the launch from as far west as the Blue Ridge!

If something (likely other than weather) scrubs the launch again tonight, never fear, there are backup launch days already scheduled from June 30 through July 10 for the same launch window each day of 8:28 to 11:28 PM Eastern. And tell your friends and family from North Carolina to New York on the East Coast (even inland) to look East tonight for the opportunity of viewing the rocket rising above Earth's atmosphere into Space!

If you'd rather watch the launch a little more "up close," it will be streamed on the web live at .

Launch status can be followed on Twitter at: @NASA_Wallops

You can also call this phone number for updates on the launch status: 757-824-2050.

To learn more about this ORS-1 mission, click here: