Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Foliage Update

Fall colors are starting to show in the mountains of western Virginia, and we appear to be right on track for an average peak color season. Here's the map of when average peak colors occur in Virginia (generally speaking, the farther west or higher in elevation you are, the earlier in the season the colors peak):

But if you're planning to head west for the weekend, here's the latest Fall Foliage Report on how the colors are progressing in that part of our region:

There are some trees in central Virginia, though, that are already changing colors. I've noticed those trees that are showing color here are often trees that were damaged during Hurricane Irene. This is typical behavior for distressed trees to change color and drop their leaves a little early. By doing so, it can save the life of a tree that suffered trauma during the Spring and Summer months. During droughts, trees will behave similarly.

You can learn more about Fall in Virginia from the Department of Forestry by clicking here.

Enjoy the great leaf-peeping weather over the next week!