Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Freeze Stats & Possible Cool Plunge?

Some farmers have already mentioned to me their thoughts are trending toward the first Fall frost/freeze. Some are predicting an earlier frost or freeze than average, based on personal observations ranging from nuts to the activity of certain birds or animals. I am always fascinated by these nuggets of observational experience. Here are the climatological values for the first Fall freeze for Richmond:

Average First Fall Freeze (reaching 32 degrees F): October 29
Earliest First Fall Freeze on record: October 3, 1974
Latest First Fall Freeze on record: December 2, 1985
But maybe the farmers are onto something. As Aaron mentioned over the weekend, the long-range weather pattern is showing some indication that a strong cold front will move into Central Virginia around mid-October. Based on the latest data, it appears this strong cold front may arrive in Virginia around October 13-14th. The coldest temperatures would affect New England, but it does appear that we have a good chance of getting some of the cold plunge in the Commonwealth, too.
We'll be keeping an eye on this developing weather pattern!

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