Monday, November 9, 2009

Ida A Little Weaker Monday Morning

Hurricane Ida was downgraded early Monday morning to a Category One storm with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph. Overnight the storm began encountering greater wind shear (different wind speeds/directions at different heights in the atmosphere), which disrupted the organization of the system. Also, the northern Gulf waters are cooler, and will mean less energy to fuel the hurricane. However, Ida should still be a Category One hurricane when it makes landfall after midnight Tuesday near the Alabama Gulf Coastline. By Wednesday, the remnants of Ida will be absorbed into a cold front and upper-level system sweeping into the Southeast. Strong high pressure looks like it will settle into Virginia behind that upper U.S. system mid-week, and that would prevent Ida's remnants from heading to Virginia.

However, if the timing of the U.S. front changes, then Ida would continue to track northeast through the Carolinas and significantly impact Virginia's weather mid-week.

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