Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Storms Possible Friday

(viewer submitted picture from May 12, 2010)
Thursday is the break between storm chances in Central Virginia. Wednesday, a large portion of our state was affected by severe thunderstorms tracking rapidly southeast. Here are the severe reports from yesterday:

Today is cloudy and cooler, but we'll have a fast rebound Friday with highs reaching the upper-80's and low-90's in Central Virginia. In addition to the big afternoon warm-up, we'll have the return of southerly flow bringing more of the low-level moisture back into the Mid-Atlantic to serve as fuel for thunderstorms. Notice that dew point temperatures will be in the mid-60's in much of Central Virginia by early Friday afternoon:
The difference between Friday and Wednesday, though, is that the upper lift tomorrow will not be as significant as yesterday, but it will still be present in the afternoon. Here's the upper wave by early evening:
Any storms that form in this environment could therefore become severe with damaging winds, heavy downpours, and frequent lightning.

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