Monday, June 7, 2010

Break From Heat & Humidity

We are finally getting a break from the much warmer-than-average heat and humidity that was prevalent since May 30th. The average high temperature in Richmond for early June is about 80-82 degrees. Here are the high temperatures since then:

May 30: 91
May 31: 90
June 1: 88
June 2: 88
June 3: 90
June 4: 92
June 5: 95 (2 degrees shy of the record high of 97 from 1943)
June 6: 96 (TIED the record high for this date from 1952)

So far this month our average temperature is about 10 degrees above normal for early June. But we aren't the only ones getting an unusual late Spring taste of high Summer heat:

With a strong ridge expected to develop over much of the East Coast at the end of this week, high temperatures will again rise 8-10 degrees above average by this weekend.

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