Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hottest Temperatures in Two Years

Tuesday's high temperature recorded at Richmond International Airport was 98 degrees, matching our hottest temperature from last Summer and creeping closer to the century mark. The last time Richmond reached at least 100 degrees was June 10, 2008 with a high of 101. Today and tomorrow, we'll have a good shot of reaching 100 degrees. The record highs for the 23rd and 24th respectively are 101 (1988) and 100 (1948). Thursday we should get up to 100 degrees in Richmond, which would tie the record for the 24th. These temperatures around 100 degrees come on the heels of a heat wave that has been with us since the end of May. We recorded the warmest Spring on record in Richmond, and now we're on track for the warmest June (average temperature to date is 80 degrees!).

Number of 90-degree days this year:
April: 2
May: 5
June so far: 14

In addition to the heat, it's been dry this month. We've received 0.39" of rain in Richmond so far this June, which is currently in the running for second-driest June on record. The driest was 0.38" in 1980.
We could get isolated storms this afternoon and a few more late Thursday, but the chances in any one spot are low. However, if we can get one of those heavy storms to pass right over Richmond, it could cool our temperatures temporarily and help that rain deficit a tad.

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