Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cold Front Coming Thursday

A cold front will move through the Commonwealth later Thursday, ushering in a much less humid air mass to the region for Friday. Morning temperatures across the state Friday should fall into the 60's, a rare treat this July when only a handful of mornings have made it that low. Here are the only days Richmond reported low temperatures below 70 degrees, a couple of them just barely there:

July 27: 69 degrees
July 11: 69 degrees
July 5: 66 degrees
July 4: 61 degrees
July 3: 56 degrees
July 2: 58 degrees
July 1: 63 degrees
Through Wednesday, our average July temperature (82.9 degrees F) is still hotter than the hottest July currently on record, 1993 (82.4 degrees F). We've still got three days to maintain that top spot before the end of the month!

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