Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heat Wave - Crunching The Numbers

So far this year we have seen 33 days in the 90s and 6 days in the 100s. We experienced the hottest June on record and more than likely this will end up being the hottest July on record. When you combine highs and lows, the average temperature so far this summer (meteorological summer is June, July, August) is 81.26. The hottest summer on record was in 1900, where the average temperature was 79.6. So if this pattern persists, then this will end up being the hottest summer on record! No wonder why my energy bill is so high...

We are still tracking a developing La Nina off the western coast of South America.

Temperatures typically stay above average during late fall and winter during La Nina years, so it's plausible that this warm weather pattern will continue into next year!

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