Monday, July 26, 2010

Record High Round-up

For those of you who just can't get enough of statistics, here's a recap of the various records we have broken in recent days, and those we could break in coming days and weeks.
Saturday and Sunday both set new record highs at 105 degrees each for those dates (the old records to beat for both days were 99 degrees).

All-time Record Hottest Temperatures in Richmond:
1.) 107 degrees (August 6, 1918)
2.) 106 degrees (August 7, 1918)
3.) 105 degrees (July 25, 2010 & July 24, 2010 & July 6, 1977)

Most 100 degree days in a year: 9 (2010 & 1954) TIE
1952, 1953, and 1977 all had 8 days 100+

Through Sunday, July 25, Richmond has reported 47 days 90 degrees or hotter. This is already above the average number of 90 degree days we see in an entire year (40). The most 90 degree days in a single year on record is 70 from 1977.

Reminder: We just had the hottest Spring on record in Richmond and also the hottest June on record. We are currently on track, as Aaron mentioned in the previous blog entry, to have the hottest July on record. Our average temperature through Sunday stands at 83.1 degrees, above the current top spot holder of 1993 with an average July temperature of 82.4 degrees.

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