Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tropics Update Thursday Morning

A still disorganized area of showers and storms in the southeastern Bahamas has a good chance today to develop a center of circulation and strengthen into a Tropical Depression or possibly Tropical Storm Bonnie. A hurricane hunter aircraft is scheduled to fly through the system to investigate it this afternoon. Regardless of whether or not this organization can occur, this complex will track over the Bahamas and the southern half of Florida into the end of this week, bringing heavy showers and gusty winds. What's left of this system will then enter the eastern Gulf of Mexico, near where crews are working to clean up the Gulf oil spill. Even if this system isn't strong enough to be a Depression or a Storm, it will still bring choppy seas and rain, which is enough to disrupt clean-up efforts by the end of the week into the weekend.
Another tropical disturbance in the western Gulf of Mexico west of the Yucatan Peninsula is also being monitored for some strengthening as it heads toward Mexico.
This one shouldn't impact the U.S., but will bring heavy rain to central Mexico.

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