Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Danielle Likely To Be Joined By Earl

It is that time of year when activity in the Atlantic Basin typically picks up frequency. It appears this year is no exception. As soon as we get into the last week of August, climatologically speaking, tropical systems are much more likely to form as a result of favorable upper-level winds and very warm surface waters.
Several atmospheric waves have tracked west out of Africa recently, leading to the development of Hurricane Danielle, and another system soon to form in the eastern Atlantic, Tropical Depression #7. This will likely become Tropical Storm/Hurricane Earl in the coming days as it follows on the heels of Danielle.
There is a third wave still over western Africa that is about to move into the Atlantic, and that could eventually organize into a tropical system, too. Here is a fast-forward view of these three systems from a tropical model, looking ahead a week from today:
Danielle still looks like it will not impact the U.S., but Tropical Depression #7/Earl appears as though it will take a track more to the west of Danielle's. This means it could potentially impact Bermuda, or even track to the west of Bermuda closer to the East Coast. We'll be monitoring the next two systems after Danielle because of their potential tracks closer to the U.S. If you have beach plans anytime this week or next week anywhere on the East Coast, you'll be fine. It's after the end of next week that we will need to closely track #7 or #8 for any potential U.S. impacts. Stay with CBS6, we'll keep you ahead of the storm!

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