Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tropical Storm Colin: Third Named Storm of 2010 Season

Tropical Depression Four was upgraded to Tropical Storm Colin just before 5 a.m. EDT Tuesday morning. Estimated maximum sustained winds are at 40 mph, which is just barely at tropical storm strength. Storm motion is to the west-northwest at 23 mph, with no landmasses threatened at this time (In case you're wondering, Colin is currently about 2400 miles away from Richmond, VA). The expected track of this storm (see forecast below) keeps Colin well away from any of the Caribbean islands and turns it parallel to the U.S. Atlantic coast far offshore this weekend.

In addition to the track through the open Atlantic waters, intensity likely will not reach hurricane strength, although some strengthening is expected.

Even though we are not currently anticipating Colin will directly impact the U.S., we will continue to monitor the track all week.

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