Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl Update 11:30AM

Hurricane Earl continues to rapidly weaken as it tracks northeast away from our coastline. It is now a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. Hurricane force winds (74mph+) extend out 70 miles from the center, with tropical storm force (39-73mph) winds extending out an impressive 205 miles. Outer rain bands continue to only affect locations along the Chesapeake Bay and east. We had some sprinkles along I-95 early this morning, but that has since retreated eastward. Cloud-cover will begin thinning this afternoon, too. Winds are not impressive right now, even at the coast. They’re gusting around 30-40 mph right now. This is because Earl passed farther to the east away from the coast than initially expected, as it made its northeast curve overnight. Earl’s eye passed 85 miles East of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina just before 5am today. Rough surf will continue along Virginia's Atlantic coast the rest of today, with wave heights right now reporting as high as 7 FT. Swells will diminish overnight.

Earl will overspread Tropical Storm force winds (39-73mph sustained winds) over New England this afternoon and evening, with a close call to Cape Cod overnight. Wind damage, coastal flooding, and power outages are probable in the populated New England region.

The cold front to our west is moving through Ohio right now, and will pass through Richmond around Midnight. Rain chances with this are slim to none.

Labor Day Weekend will be dry and comfortably warm with highs in the 80s.

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