Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smoky air from the Great Dismal Swamp Fire returns

Many of you in central Virginia will smell the smoke from the Great Dismal Swamp fire again Wednesday because of a wind shift overnight from the Southwest, transporting the smoky air into our region (as it has done so already several times this month). The fire started August 4th as a result of a lightning strike in the Refuge. Since then, southerly winds at times have allowed the smoky air and smell to spread as far north as the DC and Baltimore metro areas. Today, we will smell the smoke again with a persistent southerly wind. Here's the latest update from the Active Fire Mapping Program:

Fire Information Report for Lateral West
Wildland Fire Incident
Report Date: 23-AUG-11
Burnt Area:6,004 Acres
Location:Suffolk City County, VA (Nine miles southeast of Suffolk, VA)
Incident Team Type:IMT Type D
Team Leader:Mike Dueitt
Containment Status:20% contained)
Expected Containment:Unknown
Fuels:Fire is slowly spreading into drought stressed hardwood fuels (Model 10)and deep organic soils.

Fire report information is based on the Incident Status Summary (ICS-209) database.

Stay with CBS6, we'll keep you ahead of the storm.
--Meteorologist Carrie Rose

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