Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall colors are reaching peak levels in western Virginia

Fall foliage is reaching peak levels in western Virginia this week! If you want to plan a drive along I-81 or anywhere in western Virginia this weekend, now is an ideal time to go. Here's the latest Fall Foliage update for central Virginia:

Leaf drop is picking up in western Virginia, though, especially after the strong cold front swept through the region late Wednesday night leaving behind windy conditions for Thursday.

Another strong cold front will sweep through the region late next week, so I expect leaf drop to be even higher by next weekend. This is why I'm suggesting you "leaf peep" this weekend in the western half of Virginia this weekend as opposed to waiting until Halloween weekend. Colors should be looking better in central and eastern Virginia, though, by the end of October! For your reference, here's the map of average peak color dates for Virginia, which we are on track with this Fall:

Enjoy the Fall weather and colors!
--Meteorologist Carrie Rose

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