Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our engineers help keep you ahead of the storm, even if it means encountering the wildlife!

While performing maintenance on our CBS 6 Storm Team Metro Richmond Zoo Skytracker Camera this week, one of our engineers, Henry, encountered some of the wildlife at the camera site! Here is his tale, recounted in great pictures and his own words...

Richmond Zoo Tortoise "on the attack"

This one leaves to block the door so I can’t escape!

This one stands off and hisses in the corner:

I try to be nice to this one…

The hissing one comes closer...

Now the hissing one bites the ladder:

I can’t work on the PC until he is done with the ladder!

The hissing one sits by the ladder for 15 minutes. Finally, he leaves!
Now, I can work on the Skytracker Camera!

Thank you to our engineering staff whose work often goes unnoticed to our CBS 6 viewers. The live cameras that show current conditions in central Virgina are a tremendous asset to us as meteorologists and to you, our viewers. We have our engineers, like Henry, to thank for keeping them operational. Bravo, Henry, for your safe and successful visit to the Metro Richmond Zoo, despite a couple of tortoises who really liked you (or at least your ladder)!

Stay with CBS 6, we'll keep you ahead of the storm!
--Meteorologist Carrie Rose

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