Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl: What's New At Noon

Here's a quick update as I'm on air at Noon:

*Earl has likely reached its peak intensity already as a Cat 4, and winds are down 5 mph from this morning…sustained at 140mph now. Further weakening will continue over the next 24 hours to Cat 3. Rapid weakening late Fri-Sat.
*Earl has turned due north, as expected, which will keep the eye about 50 miles offshore of Hatteras, NC, and about 100 miles east of VA Beach.
*Hurricane Force Winds extend out about 90 miles from the center…that means Hurricane force winds (likely Cat 1) will overspread much of the OBX after midnight.
*Tropical Storm force winds extend out about 230 miles from the center…which means VA Beach and everywhere in the Tropical Storm Warned area in eastern VA will get Tropical Storm Force winds (up to 73mph sustained) Friday.
*Tropical Storm force winds will reach the southern OBX early this eve.
*All data indicates the predicted NE turn in 24 hours, curving along the eastern seaboard with the eye not making landfall until either Cape Cod (there’s a chance the eye may brush it) or northern Maine/Canada border (the likely scenario).
*1”-2” rain will fall in the TS warned area…Chesapeake Bay and east. No rain for Richmond from Earl.
*Expect a breezy Friday in Richmond with the high clouds from Earl overhead.

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