Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl Update 1PM Thurs

These are the latest stats on Earl as of mid-day Thursday. You'll notice that although Earl is still a Cat 4, its maximum sustained winds are down 5 mph from this morning. As I mentioned in my quick Noon update in the previous blog entry, Earl has likely already reached its peak intensity and will gradually weaken over the next 24 hours as it encounters more shear and not-as-warm ocean waters. However, Earl will still be a major hurricane with Cat 3 strength while it tracks east of Virginia Friday morning.

Earl made its north turn this morning around the Atlantic high pressure system, and will make its northeast curve tomorrow as a result of the approaching Midwest trough.

Tropical Storm Fiona appears on track to remain over the open Atlantic waters, potentially affecting Bermuda this weekend. Gaston weakened from a Tropical Storm to a Depression, but will continue to move over very warm Atlantic waters over the next week as it heads westward.

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